8 Reason to Travel to Europe in Winter


While the rest of the world is addicted to chasing those summer vibes I find the cooler months the best time to travel.

Here are 8 of my favourite reasons to travel in winter!

1. Save Money on hotels and flights

Yes! You read that right. You actually save money. With everyone wanting to head to Italy or the South of France to catch the summer sun, prices in the off season (November through to March) are significantly lower (think hundreds of dollars cheaper).

2. Christmas Markets

You’ve seen those pictures of the cute wooden huts, fairy lights strung up everywhere and snow! Add that and the magic of Christmas and you have the European Christmas markets. Christmas markets are held all over Europe – Croatia, Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic and more. Make sure to grab a Swiss Hot Chocolate and a pretzel as you stroll around. It’s a do not miss experience!

3. Winter Fashion

There is nothing quite like proudly walking around Paris, Milan or Prague flaunting your perfectly put together OOTD. The best bit about doing this in winter is knowing that by the end of the day you’re going to look just as good as you did when you first left the hotel. Winter means no nasty sweat patches, no melting makeup and staying comfortable all day.

Not to mention all the cozy winter clothes you get to pack, Scarves, Beanies, that perfect coat and gorgeous warm dresses, boots and tights. Perfect!

4. Snow

This one needs to explanation. That white, cold, wintery goodness. It’s perfect for making any holiday magical.

5. Cozy Cozy Cozy

I’ve touched on the coziness a few times now, warm corners perfect for snuggling, red wine, hot chocolate and warm comfy clothes. Winter provides the best excuse for walking that bit closer to your loved one and hand holding. The perfect recipe for a romantic holiday!

6. Coffee in Winter

Nothing beats the first sip of coffee in the day – but coffee in winter, never tasted so good. Coffee in winter in Paris. Say no more!

7. Food Food Food 

Good food is enough to make anyone feel good and we all know the food in Europe is to die for, but nothing beats finding a warm place of refuge that provides scrumptious delights. Whether it’s a croissant and coffee in a little cafe tucked away in Montmartre, your favourite rich tomato based pasta in Florence or a warm apple strudel with a dusting of Icing sugar by a warm fire in Vienna, comfort food tastes better in winter.

8. Avoid the Crowds

A much more practical and my personal favourite reason to travel in winter is the serious lack of crowds. While there will always be people lining up to see the most iconic attractions and museums, wait times will be shorter. Just think – the lack of tourists can only make the locals happier to be around you.

9. Bonus Tip

Europe is heading into low season right now – Airlines will be beginning to put flights on sale. Keep an eye out and book that last minute Christmas holiday now!

Let me know what you think? Are there other reasons to travel in Winter that I missed? Be sure to send me your Winter holiday snaps!!

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