8 Simple Ways Not To Pack Too Much


I’ve found the thing we all dread when going on holidays is packing. The standard weight allowance for most international economy flights is between 20kg – 30kg. If you’re traveling for a week this should be fine, but let’s be honest most of the time you’ll be traveling for 2+ weeks and you KNOW you’ll be buying lots of goodies and keepsakes on your trip.

So HOW do you make sure you pack all the clothes you need and still have those precious extra kilos to fill on your holiday? Here are 8 of my favourite ways to not pack too much.

1. Make a List

The first step… make a list and stick to it!! It’s easy to write down all those must have items but sticking to it is another thing. Write your list a week before you’re set to leave, make sure to add anything you use throughout the week and remove anything you don’t. Be strict, be honest and STICK TO THAT LIST!

2. Try it on

After you’ve made your list make sure to try everything on. Put together all your outfits and mix and match things. Make sure everything has more than one use.

3. No just in cases!

Don’t pack that extra pair of pants in case they get dirty or a second jumper just in case it’s cold. You’re clothes will wash and if you do find you get cold you can buy a jumper when you’re away. When we pack it’s the ‘just in case items’ that always take up the most weight and are usually the things we never touch on the holiday.

4. Scrub a dub dub

The last thing we really want to do when we’re away is laundry but for the sake of an extra keep sake we can make that sacrifice. Pack a little container of washing liquid and turn your hotel bathroom sink into a home made washing machine. This will reduce the amount of clothes you pack as everything can be worn over and over.

5. Mix and Match

When packing, choose items that are easy to mix and match. Choose items that can easily go from day to night that take up very little space in your case. Adding basics and neutral coloured items to your packing list is always a great idea as they’re sure to go with everything. Make sure to check the weather at your destination and pack accordingly. If it’s likely to be super warm on you’re vacation – you probably only need one jacket that goes with everything. Add a colourful scarf or bright lipsticks to help change up your look without taking up too much space.

6. Downsize

You would be surprised just how much your toiletries actually weigh. Don’t pack your biggest bottle of shampoo or your whole bottle of makeup remover. Think about all that precious space. By purchasing travel sized toiletries you’ll be packing only what you need and can even leave the leftovers behind without wasting too much money. Also think about where you’re staying and what toiletries you’ll be able to steal from you’re hotel room.

7. 3 Pairs is all you need

I’ve found that you only 3 pairs of shoes when you travel. 1 comfy pair for exploring every corner, 1 pair of heels or going out shoes and 1 pair of for specific use. Going on an adventure holiday? Pack comfy hiking boots. Vacay by the beach? A cute pair of flip flops. Really think about your shoe choices – they take up a lot of space!

8. Remove 2 items

Once you’ve packed – remove 2 items. I know you’re thinking you’ve made you’re lists, everything has more than one use and there’s only 3 pairs of shoes, what on earth can I remove from my suitcase? But let’s be honest, when we pack things sneak in that we MUST HAVE on our trip even when we’re vigilant. Look through your case and remove 2 things that snuck in while you were packing.


Let me know what you think, do these tips help? Do you have any tips not listed here?

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